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A Generator Maintenance Checklist for Diesel Generators

An industrial generator (a.k.a. gen-set ) can last for decades, but only as long as it's properly maintained. Although a generator has few moving parts, it contains sensitive components that require routine attention. Complete genset maintenance requires different measures to be performed on various programs. If you need a program for performing these measures, below is a basic checklist for diesel generator maintenance on a daily, monthly, semi annual, and annual basis.

Daily Measures

Diesel generators need to get the subsequent steps on a daily basis:

General review - Assess that the gen-set for loose parts, signs of corrosion on parts, traces of carbon, and dust build up.
Coolant heater test - make sure that the air conditioning heater is securely in place and inspect it for signs of wear.
Oil check - check the oil level and add oil as necessary.
Fuel test - check the fuel level and add fuel as needed.

Maintenance employees commonly carry out the measures previously. Generator technicians may also perform these as part of a scheduled support agreement.

Weekly Measures

Diesel generators must receive the following steps on a weekly basis:

Air cleaner test - Check that the air cleaner for debris and wash it as necessary.
Battery charger test - Check that the float voltage scanning over the battery charger and also correct the voltage as crucial.
Fuel Filter Drain - Drain the water out of the base of the fuel filter home.
Fuel Tank Drain - Drain the water from the bottom of the gas tank till the gas fuel appears.
generators maintenance have generator technicians perform the weekly measures on a chainsaw maintenance checklist. If building maintenance employees play them, they should have training in generator maintenance.

Daily Steps

Diesel generators should have the following steps performed on monthly basis:

Coolant concentration check - Require a sample of the toaster with a hydrometer and assess its concentration by referring to the service manual from the manufacturer.
Drive belt tension test - Check the belt for proper tension and inspect it for signs of wear.
Exhaust condensate drain - Drain the condensate from the condensate trap.
Battery test - Assess that the charge on the starting battery and also analyze the connections for looseness and corrosion.
Because the correct concentration of coolant in an outdoor generator could possibly be influenced by climate, even a generator technician which focuses on emergency power equipment in the Carolinas should carry out the coolant immersion test.

Semi-annual Measures

Oil and filter change - Replace oil and oil filter, so regardless of whether the genset was utilized at a non-simulated power outage.
Coolant filter change - Replace the coolant filter, whether or not the genset was used in a non-simulated electricity dispenser.
Crankcase breather cleaning - sterile the crank case breather in line with the service manual from the manufacturer.
Air cleaner element change - Replace the air cleaner element, regardless of the level of debris accumulation.
Radiator hose check - Assess the connection of the radiator hoses and scrutinize them for signs of wear.
Fuel filter shift - Change the fuel filter, regardless of the level of sediment accumulation.
Generator technicians should do the measures above.

Annual Measures

The genset should have a thorough annual cleaning of its cooling system.


The measures above are required for a petrol generator to remain in excellent state. By incorporating them in a generator maintenan

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